Sunday, 15 April 2012

Call Me Maybe- OOTD

A bit of a different outfit from me today. I bought these joggers from Topshop on Friday. I thought they were really cute and would be comfy for Sixth Form. I wasn't sure how to style them at first but in the end I've gone with the outfit I tried them on with, and paired them with my gold wedges! I wouldn't normally wear them with the wedges but I thought they would be nice for my OOTD. This outfit would look nice with flats or high-tops. I think the blazer stops them looking too casual ;) I really love them though, they were only £22 and fit in well with the 'sports luxe' trend that is everywhere at the moment.

The blazer is also from Topshop (honestly I love that shop!). It was £65 which is pretty expensive and it also happens to be 'dry clean only' which is a worry but I had to have it. I think it's going to be so useful as it goes with everything. I've been wanting a springtime blazer for ages and this is perfect. It looks great with black skinny jeans and a baggy t-shirt as well. The colour isn't showing up very well in my photos but it's a lovely nude colour and it's described on the website as 'oyster'. 

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend :) I had two weeks off Sixth Form for Easter but now it's back to reality- and exams unfortunately! 


Joggers- Topshop (link)
Blazer- Topshop (link)
Top- H&M 
Wedges- Topshop (link)
Cuff- Urban Outfitters
Nail Polish- Revlon 'Dreamer'
Leaf Ring and Cross Ring- Both Topshop

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Review: Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo

I thought I would post a quick review for you all today. I've been so busy with school work lately that I've neglected my blog a little, but I've got some ideas for posts lined up now and I will reply to the comments from my last post soon :)

I got this shampoo* a few weeks ago but I wanted to properly test it out before I did a review on it. It's called the Aussie 'Miracle Moist Shampoo' and I really like it. I haven't ever tried anything from Aussie before but I've always been tempted by their products and I'm so pleased I tried this!

The shampoo is for people with dry, damaged hair. I use too much heat on my hair so the ends are a bit frazzled so I was excited to try this. It works really well and has made my hair a lot smoother and I have started to notice it is less frizzy lately as well. My hair is still a little dry at the ends but they are improved! I was a little sceptical at first because I thought that it might weigh my hair down and make it limp because it has  Macadamia nut oil but luckily that hasn't been the case. My hair just looked shiny and nourished when I used this and not weighed down at all. In my local Superdrug this is £5.99 which isn't the cheapest on the market but you do get 500ml which is a lot, so I think the price is justified. The smell is an interesting one, I'm not sure what it is but it kind of smells like bubblegum. I'm not mad for it, but it's not particularly offensive and I like the product anyway!

I think I'm going to try out the conditioner in the range next as I'm impressed with this shampoo!

Has anyone else tried this? What are you favourite hair products? I have bought some new hair treatments recently that I'm testing out at the moment because I'm on a quest for healthier hair!


*PR sample

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New Jumper and Rose Gold Wedges OOTD

Some of you who read my Twitter may know that I went on a little trip to London on Saturday to see the Lion King musical (which was amazing by the way, possibly my favourite musical ever!). During my trip I had a couple of hours to shop in Covent Garden and spent most of that time in Urban Outfitters. I absolutely love that shop. In my opinion it's one of those shops you have to see the clothes in person to want to buy them and when I'm there, I want to buy them all! Luckily I restrained myself and only bought a few things, the first being this jumper. It's from the brand Sparkle and Fade which I have another top by and I love. The jumper is so soft and cosy, and looks really cute over shirts (which is why I bought it!). I can't say it's the most flattering top I own but I really love it. Plus it was in the sale from £42 to £30 which was good!

I paired it with my Topshop Leigh Jeans (surprise, surprise) and a Topshop shirt. On my feet I'm wearing my new Topshop wedges which I can't get enough of! They are rose gold and metallic which a black wedge, and are pretty comfortable. They will look great on holiday or on nights out with dresses, skirts or trousers. As soon as I saw them in the shop I wanted them, and when the sales assistant said they were the last pair in my size I knew it was meant to be!

The cuff I'm wearing is also from Urban Outfitters and bought on my London trip. I've been looking for a nice cuff for a while but nothing really caught my eye until I saw this one. I love crosses so just couldn't resist! It was £14 which I think is quite reasonable considering it feels more expensive and it's very unusual.

Hope every one is having a lovely week so far, I'm off to do some more revision! 


Jumper- Urban Outfitters (link for the Ivory version)
Shirt- Topshop
Jeans- Topshop
Wedges- Topshop (link!)
Necklace- River Island 
Cuff- Urban Outfitters
On my Toes- Barry M Pink Flamingo Nail Polish

Sunday, 1 April 2012

L'Oreal Caresse Review

I've been intrigued by the 'lip butter' hype for some time. After reading reviews on the Revlon Lips butters but after looking at them in person I decided not to get any. Many of the pinks are very blue toned (which doesn't suit me) and most of the colours have shimmer in them which I don't really like in lip products. However when I started hearing about the new L'Oreal Caresse lipsticks I felt certain that these would be more 'up my street' and on Thursday I dashed to my local Superdrug to buy one. Unfortunately there was a tiny selection but I managed to purchase one anyway. The colour is No.03 'Lovely Rose' and it's a gorgeous bright baby pink. 

The lipstick is similar to a tinted lip balm in texture but with a lot more pigmentation. It is still pretty sheer compared to a normal lipstick but it definitely has great colour pay off for a lip butter. I find this type of lipstick great for Summer as they look more natural. The lipstick colour lasts for a decent amount of time before reapplication, but this doesn't matter as I would re-apply lip balm frequently anyway and this is so moisturising that it replaces the need for an additional lip balm. It also wears off nicely and doesn't cling to cracks in your lips which is great. 'Lovely Rose' is not too blue toned and so it would suit a range of complexions and has no shimmer in it. My lips are quite pigmented so sometimes I put a tiny bit of foundation over them first so I get the true colour of the lipstick. 

Overall I'm really pleased with this lipstick and I'm dying to try more out of the range- I just need to find a store which stocks more than three colours. I love sheer lipsticks at the moment as they are a really wearable way to start wearing bright lips during the day. I'm currently eyeing up Chantecaille Lip Chic in Geranium but for £29 I'm not going to be getting it for a while! 

Have any of you tried any lip butter/ sheer lipsticks at the moment? What are your recommendations, I want to try more!